Smoke detectors

Nest Protect - Smoke & CO2 detector via WiFi

Google Nest Protect Smoke Alarm


  • Detects smoke with advanced Split-Spectrum Sensor that detects fast- and slow-burning fires.;
  • Detects carbon monoxide (CO) with a 10-year long-life sensor.
  • Tests itself over 400 times a day, and automatically tests its speaker and siren every month.
  • Can alert your phone when something’s wrong in case you’re not home.
  • Silence false alarms — like when you burn a toast — from your phone (connects via home WiFi).
  • Looks for fast-burning fires, smouldering fires and carbon monoxide.
  • Has a Split-Spectrum smoke sensor
  • Can be silenced from your phone
  • Tests itself automatically and lasts up to 10 years
  • Also speaks to tell you what's wrong and can even alert your phone
  • Dim Night light (continuous or detects person nearby)
  • Can be hardwired or battery only version

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Product review

The dual functionality of being both a smoke detector and carbon monoxide is useful, particularly for those with gas heaters etc
Some first hand experience from one of our members has found the WiFi connection via iOS has been flakey, losing connection several days after set up.

Still investigating as to the likely cause. e.g.
is there a problem with network which has both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz channels?;
MacOS Ventura has been having some issues with network connections via home modem and so this may be contributory factor?