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We asked some people who often want to identify birds or plants what they use. The answers are presented here in their original informal form but should be useful to you:


The following are bird identification apps:

Stewart Australian Bird Calls (for iPad) $34.99

Morcombe & Stewart Guide To Birds of Australia $29.99

Australian Bird Identification - Bird Scanner Free from NatureAI (has ads)

Michael Morcombe's 'Birds of Australia' was the first phone app for Australian birders. Download Morcombe for iPhone

Pizzey and Knights 'Birds of Australia' now available for iPhone: Download Pizzey for iPhone

The ABG or 'Australian Field Guide' by Peter Menkhorst, Danny Rogers, Rohan Clarke and artists Jeff Davies, Peter Marsack and Kim Franklin. Click here for a superb review of this field guide by Chris Watson.

Bird Song Id Australia - Automatic Recognition $4.99

Note: Merlin is a free app, developed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, which helps identify birds. Right now, Merlin Bird ID is only available for North America, but the eBird Australia team is keen to have this exciting tool available in Australia in the future.18 Mar 2017 Merlin for Australia - eBird

Contributions from users


I hope I have mentioned that I am new to bird spotting, I do love it!
I use the wealth of information that we have available locally and online.
iNaturalist is a great resource to consult. Simply install the app, create a free account and you’ve become a part of a large community that is ready to help with bird (plant, insect, fungi, amphibian, animal) ID. Simply tap observations, upload your photo or capture an image, add your location, add your best guess then submit. It wont take long and fellow naturalists, citizen scientists and biologists will submit Ids for your image. Your observations also become part of an important database that documents the biodiversity in your area.

Join a local bird or Field Naturalist group. Tap into the wealth of local knowledge in your area. Groups are available on social media or offer opportunities for email updates on their websites.
these are great booklets free to download from Bellarine Catchment Network
Attached is a really handy pdf from Birdlife Bellarine which indicates what birds you can expect to find on The Bellarine

Simple things like taking a pic and uploading it into ‘Google Images’ can be helpful. It makes use of the computers vision algorithms to recognise the subject of the image.

Consult with a birdy friend. I send David, Sophie and Fiona a message ... David checks his trusty book, The Australian Bird Guide, by Peter Menkhorst, Danny Rogers and Rohan Clarke. We may also make an inquiry with Geelong Field Naturalist Club.

BirdGenie™ is a breakthrough Apple® or Android® app that helps everyone with a smartphone or tablet accurately identify birds in their backyard, local park, or nature trail (

Smart Bird ID (Australia & NZ) 4+ - App Store › app › smart-bird-id-australia-nz free