BMUG - Apple Music

The Music App
Allows you to access music you can stream from
- Apple Music (free for 1-3 months before you need to subscribe or get 6 months with purchase of some new devices). Individual A$ 11.99/month, Family (<= 6) A$ 17.99/month or annual where pay for only 10 months.

- Music you have uploaded from CDs e.g.


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The music albums can be stored in your library and sourced by selecting Recently Added, Artists, Albums or Songs.

Other music sreaming options include Spotify, Tidal, YouTube Music, Amazon, Deezer (popular in Europe, Pandora (but not longer available in Australia, ….) etc.

Bluetooth streaming can be heard on your devices but also sent to external speakers which have Bluetooth receivers built in or need to have DAC for devices which don’t.


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The bit size determines the number of sample values i.e.

16-bit: 65,536 values
24-bit: 16,777,216 values
32-bit: 4,294,967,296 values

For a more comprehsive explanation visit;

There is lots to digest in discussion of Bluetooth versus Lossless audio quality. For more detail, visit;

DAC quality can vary and usually commensurate with price. e.g. Audioengine B1 ~$250, but can range from ~$15 - $2K+. Can include other audio enhancements, depending on codecs used e.g. aptX AAC and SBC decoding.


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Other factors influencing listening quality;
- Your hearing acuity (aging decreases hearing spectrum from 17kHz -> 11 kHz );
- Listening device sensitivity and accuracy;
- Listening space acoustics.

Music streaming offers greater flexibility and portability but relies on WiFi accessibility.