What's available from the Global MUGs?

Just a quick look at what is available globally for Mac users is amazing. Visit NMUG to open the door! NMUG is at https://www.naplesmug.com/

Below are a few suggestions that might be of interest to you.

Chita Hunter presents ..

Using Pages for a Major Task

Well, many of us use Pages and sometimes we have a fairly serious interest in how to make a good quality, neat document - eg 'My Life's Story'.

If you want to learn about making something like this, or just for interest, you can access

"Apple Pages Deep Dive: 01 Overview of Sample Document". This is from Chita Hunter from the Detroit MUG group. See it here. Chita presents her work so it is easy to follow and you can always PAUSE what she is offering while you take notes etc.

Chita offers another series that will probably be of interest to some:

“Apple Mail: Tame your Inbox”

You can watch this presentation too.

MacMost ...

Gary Rosenzweig, is the founder, producer and host of MacMost, a site that is chock full of amazing Mac tutorials including one that may be of special interest:

"Protect Yourself From These 5 Apple-Related Scams"

Alternatively, or in addition, you may like to have that wretched Apple device explained. MacMost offers a well-organised set of Q&A that should be useful. See MacBasics.