3 Fun things

1. TED Talks

Do you know about them?
Do you check them now and then?
You might find something interesting - 
go to https://ideas.ted.com/

I checked this….
https://ideas.ted.com/4-amazing-archeological-finds-and-how-you-can-help-protect-others-like-them/ and I got caught a fish!

I watched a young woman tell me in 2012 about a crazy idea … https://www.ted.com/talks/sarah_parcak_archaeology_from_space
but she wasn’t so crazy…

I checked out her progression here:

and now I can recommend an important task to those of you who sometimes wonder how to be useful

and you can help her ..
and you can check it out at https://ideas.ted.com/4-amazing-archeological-finds-and-how-you-can-help-protect-others-like-them/
and see what can be done
and what a nonagenarian discovered.

2. Explore 'culture'

At http://www.openculture.com/, I found the following:

3. Crowd-sourcing

Turn your big problem into everyone’s little problem

Donation time..
It’s Christmas and you might wonder what present to get for that person who has everything. A common problem around here?
why not give them something to think about and help a more needy person?

Find a good cause…
and donate:

 or follow a personal reference …

 or ‘invest’ in someone..

and give your loved-one a note saying how they have helped someone else!

               Have fun with your Xmas!