March 12 Meeting - and dinner together afterwards?

Remember: BMUG meetings start at 3.45 and are held in the Ocean Grove Community Centre, 1 John Dory Drive, Ocean Grove. Visitors are welcome.

At the meeting, we will have two sections. First the 'how do they do it' section and then the hands-on 'how can I do it'. For the first section the topic will be Apple and accessibility.

First, we will consider the definition of disability and the laws that govern digital accessibility in Victoria. Then the standards that apply to a company like Apple and then what specifically Apple does to support accessibility - or what is sometimes called inclusion. All this relates back to the international UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities, to which Australia was a keen signatory.

Liddy (Dr Nevile) is an author of international standards and specifications, President of the Australian Web Adaptability Initiative (OZeWAI), and President of the Victorian Disability Discrimination Legal Service (DDLS). She will explain the issues raised above.

For the second half, what we think  of as the hands-on learning session, Peter Poteralski will lead a discussion of apps, techniques and sites that are useful to travelers. If you have experience using online resources or services for planning, recording, or just enriching your travel, or you have questions, please bring them along and contribute to the conversation.


It is a tradition for BMUG to suggest a dinner venue every second month. All members are encouraged to come and to bring partners etc. We choose modest restaurants.

This week we will return to a favourite Chinese Restaurant called Ming Terrace, upstairs at the Barwon Heads end of the Terrace, ie 6/62 The Terrace, Ocean Grove. Parking is usually easiest in the shopping car park. We will aim to meet at 6.00 pm.