Next Meeting - 3.45pm Feb 12,
1 Dory St., Ocean Grove

Next meeting will be our first at the new venue. It will start earlier than previous meetings.

How do they do it?

Many people who are required to use online facilities struggle to do so. As we age, in particular, we tend to find it more and more difficult to understand how the technology works and what we are supposed to do. When something goes wrong, we have few clues as to what we should do. We feel disabled. And, unfortunately, as they say, if we are lucky enough to live longer, we are more likely to experience disabilities.

Vicki Strachan is Project Co-ordinator for the Diversity Field Officer Service, an education and mentoring service for small business to build disability confidence. The service creates attitudinal change and builds confidence by changing the conversation about disability. The service is currently working with the tourism and hospitality service to make Geelong and The Bellarine more accessible and welcoming.

Vicki will tell us about activities in our region that will help us, in particular, in the future.

BMUG Workshop

Our workshop topic will be email. So many things ...

The basics:

1.1 Create and send email
1.2 See new email
1.3 Reply to email
1.4 Change recipients
1.5 Save and print attachments
1.6 Email without an internet connection
1.7 Turn your vacation responder on or off

Organise your inbox:

2.1 Use folders
2.2 Add filters
2.3 Use labels in GMail
2.4 Archive or delete email

3.1 Search email
3.2 Create and use a signature
3.3 Questions and answers...