Next Meeting - Nov 13, 2018

The meeting on November 13 will have several themes. First, we want to follow up on the theme of Mojave and see what has been learned about it in the last couple of weeks.

Then we will have a fun activity - we can be too serious!

Next, we will discuss the difference between software that you buy and own (is there any like that anywhere - usually you just buy a licence) and software that you can use for a long as you like once you have paid for it/the licence, and thirdly free software - and what is meant by 'open source'.

We have heard a number of stories about people who have had a problem with their computer/software and then had to pay a lot to have the problem fixed. On some occasions, the provider should have fixed the problem for free. We will remind ourselves of the legislation that affects consumers and see what we can learn about this. Finally, have you thought about when the battery in your computer might die? Batteries are so important these days but they do not always last for a long as you might like. We will learn about their role and what they might do.

After the meeting, as it is a month of an odd number (11 for November), we will hope you can join us for dinner at Chang Noi Thai at 64b The Terrace, Ocean Grove - Ph: 03-4202 0229. As always, you are welcome to invite others to join us.