2018-08 August BMUG Meeting

At the next meeting, we are hoping to learn from Hannah, from JB-HiFi, about the wearables that might someday save our lives. After a short introduction to these and which does what, we will learn about SCAMs - those things that come into our email boxes to tempt us to engage with people we would not actually choose to mix with, to undertake activities we would not, if we knew what they were, choose to participate in, or simply to get money from us by trickery. Whatever scam it is, we want to know how to identify it as such, and how to avoid it.

We will learn about new services on our website that is constantly growing. If anyone has a question they would like the BMUG Assist team to answer, or a tip they would like to share with members, please send it to us asap (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) so we can consider it at the August meeting.