Our May meeting...

As a Committee, we are planning a wider range of activities in response to the survey of members undertaken last year. So the next meeting will be a fun workshop in which we will make small animations.
Everyone can participate in the making of small animations using SCRATCH, a computer programming language designed to be used by 8 year-olds! 'Programming' in SCRATCH is like sticking LEGO blocks together - you don't need to know anything about programming. With SCRATCH you can:

Members are asked to bring their portable devices and, if possible, download SCRATCH before coming to the meeting. (It is free and safe to download.) There is an offline version of SCRATCH and this is recommended for you - you will also need an ADOBE product to use it - go to


Please feel free to bring visitors to our meeting!
And we will be having our bi-monthly dinner meet after the workshop. Our choice for this night is Ming Terrace, the Chinese Restaurant at the north end of the Terrace, in Ocean Grove. (62, The Terrace).