BMUG Members Gathering 3.00 pm October 11, 2022


‘1. Colin Gissing will give a demonstration of the Flight Simulator package

It simulates the flying of a DC3 (Do you remember these?) in providing all the cockpit window views, instrumentation and the terrain being flown over. Theoretically, with all this experience he could actually fly the real bird if the opportunity arose.

2. Recent news has alarmed many with a headline "Optus data breach could allow fraudsters to commit range of damaging crimes"

The Optus data breach has compromised account holders' variety of information that may have been provided in establishing their accounts ie. name, date of birth, email, phone number, Medicare number,  passport details, driving licence information, etc.

Varying sources of information suggest the breach has only impacted new accounts established in last 5 years or only 2 years as that being the time that Optus was obliged by federal government regulations to store that data.

Should companies be legally required to delete past account details immediately after they discontinue?