2022-01-08 BMUG Meeting - afternoon - 2.00-5.30 pm.

pictureWe are staying with the old BMUG schedule and planning our first meeting for the year to be on the second Tuesday of February.

We will meet at the Leopold Library, inside the Leopold Community Hub. It is at 31-39 Kensington Rd, Leopold. There is plenty of good parking and all who are double vaxxed are welcome at the Library.

We liked the meetings last year where we deviated a bit from the usual topics and had interesting invited speakers. We will do that again this year with some techie stuff intertwined!

From 2.00 pm, we will have a sort of open house time (2.00 pm - 3.30 pm) for participants to see how PAL and NTSC VHS video tapes can VERY easily be converted to digital. As well, audio tapes can also be converted easily. Next time we will convert slides. Our plan is to work throughout the year on other media and good ways to store your precious content.

Once videos and audio files and images are digital, they are very easy to edit, to share, to archive and you will have a chance of not losing all those memories after all!

Starting at 3.30 pm, we will learn from a member about the amazing new electric cars. Some of us know little about what it is like to drive and sit in one (hopefully you can have a go sitting in one and see it go). There are lots of things people ask about them - so please send in your questions now so we can have an efficient presentation and time to play.
(Submit questions here.)

Our third event at the next meeting will be a guest speaker. This will not be a lesson in how to use your Mac but rather an interesting and inspiring presentation to get you thinking and chatting!

The day before the meeting we will send out details about how to join us remotely using Zoom. Either way, live in our presence or online, we are looking forward to seeing you on the 8th.

Please feel free to bring guests and your masks and check you, and your guests are double vaxxed :-)