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Your presence at our AGM is specially requested!!
(A Zoom invitation will be sent out before the meeting.)

We will have our (virtual) AGM at 3.30 pm on September 14 and we would especially like your participation to help us decide upon our future.

If you are a paid-up member, or not, we want to know what we should do with BMUG. There are lots of possibilities for the future but it is clear that we cannot continue as we have in the past - times have changed!

Please join us for a discussion about what you would like and to hear what others have to offer. Just an hour of your time will make a big difference to all of us.

Out with the old...and in with ???

Some in your Committee are a bit tired and think perhaps the mission of BMUG is tired.

Those who want to do something with computers usually find a way by checking in Google or with their kids or supplier, so there is not the same need for technical help as there used to be. We have helped a few people with problems this year but we cannot maintain a group organisation for so little direct benefit.

We have tried to introduce new things that can be done with the current technologies in this era of digital technology but in the end, as with all new technologies, they become part of the furniture and we lose interest in them as objects. (When did you last attend a meeting about ovens?)

At least the Chair and Secretary are available for one more year but no more. New Committee members will have one year to learn how we do it. Whatever is decided on September 14 will determine the immediate and possibly the long-term future of BMUG: it can gracefully pass, it can be led by some new enthusiastic people, or it can completely remake itself. Our AGM will be the talkfest to make the choices.

The Committee has had the benefit of lots of generous support in recent years and we thank those who have served on it. If you or anyone you know is keen (or able) to join the Committee for a future, please let us know and offer a nomination. In particular, we are keen to have more female participation in the decision-making.

The documents we will consider at the AGM, and a nomination form, are available online at https://www.bellarinemac.org.au/our-activities/bmug-agm

Below are some suggestions for our future - you will see we are keen for a fresh and exciting new start!

Bellarine Mugs??

What a great idea :-)

What about once a month you fill your coffee mug (or wine glass) with something, grab some nibbles, and join a conversation with a couple of the Bellarine's most interesting people? We image them chatting for 40 minutes and then inviting you to ask questions or add comments. 

We are not thinking here about people talking about Macs but about people who build rockets telling us how they do it, people who grow flowers that taste like mushrooms or perfume telling us what is done with them, or even people who build fly little planes telling us where they have their secret aerodrome and how we can see what they do.

We will have to cope with Zoom now and then but will always try for real-life face-to-face events where possible. We can continue to send out a newsletter with Mac news if people want that and we can keep pour website up-to-date with recordings of our sessions. These can then be enjoyed whenever.

Be generous benefactors?

Not a bad idea - simply give our money to some cause that we agree on and forget about BMUG completely. Easy? Is it what you want? We can use our resources to keep in touch with each other nd have some fun, alternatively.

Get excited again about Macs

Possible - the best way is probably to amalgamate with another Mac user group, such as the one in Melbourne.

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