Program for August 10, 2021 at 3.30 pm
Meeting at Leopold Sports Club
No! another online meeting

The August 2021 meeting will be held at Leopold Sports Club, in Leopold, at 3.00pm. As has become the mode, we will also be broadcasting on Zoom for anyone who would like to join us but cannot come to Leopold. For those coming to the Sports Club, we will stay after the meeting for a drink or an early meal and perhaps you will join us?

Zoom details and the Club location will come in the meeting reminder just days before the meeting.

We have two special activities for this meeting. Please, if you are coming, bring your iPad or laptop computer as we would like to work together.

Topic 1:

First, we have Cass Paige, a Melbourne-based podcast host, coming to tell us what she does. Cass has a job that has her playing Dungeons and Dragons online. This is something that did not even exist as an online game or with podcasting in the 'olden days'. Cass will tell us how face-to-face games, as most of us knew them, such as board and card games, can be adapted for online play and how podcasting works. If you play Scrabble, or bridge, or even chess online, we will be interested to hear from you about your experiences.

Topic 2:

We are picking up on a topic suggested by a member. She makes an album of photos of her grandchildren with them when they are ten. The album collects together photos and comments about them from the past, chosen by the children.

We are going to make an album about the last 18 months - guess the topic! We will learn about how we can easily use Pages, available already on all our computers, to design our pages and how we can then choose to have a printed book, a set of 'postcards', a digital album, or even something else. We like the idea of working together, finding out what's what and seeing what a fun album we can make. We hope you will choose to come, or share with us on Zoom.