Hooray!!!! The next BMUG meeting will be face-to-face.

Note the new time is 3.00 pm as a winter time!!

We are hoping that you will come and bring friends to our meeting on Tuesday May 11 at 3.00 pm at the Leopold Sportsmans Club, 135 Kensington Road, Leopold 3224, Phone: 03 52502250You may even like to bring some nibbles to share.

The Club is located between Port Arlington Rd and the Bellarine Highway in Leopold. There is plenty of parking space. For more details see https://leopoldsporties.com/

To show your appreciation for all the Committee's work that has enabled a year of online meetings, we'd love to meet up with you in person. We have hired a room at the Leopold Sporties, and we will have tea and coffee but you may want more - the facilities are open and you can get anything you like! If you would like to bring friends, please do that too. For those who cannot come, perhaps you can still join us via Zoom? We will post a link in the usual way, and if you'd like to tune in, you will be able to follow most of what happens.

Last meeting we noted who uses what social communication apps - Facebook, WhatsApp etc. What do members use is one question but otherwise, what Privacy/Security concerns do they have? What techniques to avoid hacking, identity theft, marketing etc are people using? Are there other alternatives? Alternative email providers?

How do you know if your identity, email address etc is being used/masqueraded by someone else?

As a special guest, we will have Charles Nevile who is one of those developing the new blockchain technology that enables the cryptocurrency we might all be using one day soon. If you are not sure what this means, we did have a presentation about it back in August 2019 and you can check that out on our Meeting Notes page at https://www.bellarinemac.org.au/resources/meeting-notes?start=10 Be warned - it is a new idea and a bit complicated but hearing Charles talk about it should help!

Ken Grinter has been collecting copies of the latest Apple Mac magazines from 2020 to 2021. He is offering a copy to anyone who provides a memory stick.

Our first topic at our meeting will be security - nothing new!

Apple are releasing lots of stuff that we will discuss - new devices, new operating systems, and Air Tags!

Ken will tell us about the devices and the operating systems...

Peter will join us by Zoom to talk about the Air Tags (very useful)

and everyone else can perahps do some research and add to the conversation.