The next meeting, August 11, will be a Zoom online meeting. Don't let this put you off - Zoom meetings are convenient - no travel, informal and friendly, and oprovide an excellent opportunity for members to help each other with techie problems and to discuss what the tech does.

The topics for the meeting have come from members showing their interests - more ideas are welcome and during th meeting can be aired. The following are some of the topics.

A link to the meeting will be sent to all members on Tuesday morning. Those who have not yet ried Zoom are welcome to join us.

Some of our topics:


What are they? How do they work? What do they cost? How do I find good ones?


Looking for podcasts but wanting some help? There is a web event you can attend on Wednesday August 11.00 am for a hour that might be of interest to you:

You will need to book for this event: even though it's free.

iMovie Tutorials?

David Dixon has offered to work out how to do a shared course on the use of iMovie online. Participants are not yet started but David will describe his modus operandi and others interested can ask questions, offer suggestions, and perhaps choose to participante in the course.

Fake News

What is 'fake' news? In an era of multiple uncontrolled news outlets, when anyone can publish almost anything, who is pretending false news is real news?

Tricks for Enjoying Zoom

We'll have a quick tour around Zoom tto make it easier for everyone...

Fun things to do with the family on Zoom


Should we be using Zoom?