2020-07 July Meeting

The next meeting, July 14th, will be an online meeting. Close to the mission of BMUG, this meeting will be an opportunity for members to share interests, achievements and problems, and some fun. The Committee cannot continue to offer two hours of activities but is very willing to work with members to make use of the technology more satisfying and hopefully easy.

If you have found a clever solution to a problem, or have a problem that others might be able to help you solve, please join the meeting.

If you have watched or interacted with an interesting online activity, perhaps you could share it? We are not asking for formal presentations but let us know if you have something to share so we can be sure to include your offering.

For those of you still not finding it easy to use Zoom, again we encourage you to give it a try - if you cannot get through using the link, you can send an email or call and we will help you.

One topic we will cover in this meeting is the experience of recovering lost funds. Many of us have sometime in our lives lost connection with some of our money. Examples will be considered. For instance, a deceased member of the family has left some money to a younger named person but that person's address is not known by the time of distribution of the funds. The funds might still be available but how does the 'recipient' come to know of these funds? And how do they recover them?

And there are still more stories of people being 'ripped off' - phishing stories. Thinking about checking both phone calls and emails is very important these days.

Join us

So, the relevant ways to join us. All on our email newsletter list will receive a Zoom invitation before the meeting. You will also be sent a phone number you can use to join by phone if you don't have access to an Internet onnection at the time. And you will get a personal phone number to contact if you need help at the time. If you have any queries, you can always contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To join as a member and/or to receive our newsletter, please visit our website https://www.bellarinemac.org.au