The first meeting for 2020 will be on February 11, 3.30 pm at the Ocean Grove Community Hub. All are welcome.

The topics below have been chosen by the Committee in the absence of suggestions from the members.

Members, please remember this is an association and everyone needs to contribute if it is to continue. If you have any things you would like covered in our meetings, please let the Committee know asap at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The meeting will focus on IBM Research's ideas of the most important technologies for the future. We will consider the technologies chosen in 2018 and then some added more recently. Participants will be asked to contribute their experiences and how these technologies might influence their lives in the future, if IBM is right!

Then these 2 items from AppleInsider will be considered:

- 27/1/2020 Avast antivirus harvested user data, then sold to Google, Microsoft etc;


- 28/1/2020 Amazon’s Ring apps (for Android) caught spying on users, sharing data with third-parties.

These topics emphasise the ever expanding security issues and intrusion into our privacy associated with the use of devices connected to the internet.

Finally, we will have a run down on how the reworked version of ‘Reminders’ functions.

Any other topics will be welcomed for a future BMUG members meeting as members consider their own concerns and experiences.


Please note that we have yet another handy product review from Peter Baldwin. This time it is an image editor. See