Next meeting - August 13

Next meeting will be held on Tuesday August 13 starting at 3.30 pm at 1 John Dory Drive, Ocean Grove.

We will start with the President's comments - welcome to everyone including any guests, reminder of the facilities at the venue, a call for interest in the AGM to take place in September and a request for people to self-nominate to join the Committee and help with putting together our meetings.

Next, we will have a quick 'glossary session', trying to make sense, together, of all the chatter about cryptocurrency and Bitcoins and such things. The aim is to help us get a 'working understanding' of all this - not to go so far as to be experts!

Hopefully, after that, we will learn about using our computers to make things in the 'how do they do it' session. Most of us are familiar with printing our documents, or photos, but what if you use the computer to drive a cutting device? These days, many things are designed on computers and then a laser cutter is set to work to cut out, for example, fabric for clothes etc. 3D printing is not very different - so we will talk about this.

Then we will get an up-date on the clever things you can do with Keynote when you want to make a display of your images - following on from the session Dick Brown offered at the last meeting.

Finally, in this third session, the 'how do we do it' session, we will be helped through the process to build a simple model in Numbers ie to use a spreadsheet for a simple task. Please bring your iPads or computers for this session.
The chosen task is a holiday travel spreadsheet (travel, accommodation, food & drink, financial, clothing pack etc). We will also get a useful Apps list - all from our hard-working secretary Peter Poteralski
Remember, if you want anything in particular discussed, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..