Removing Unwanted Email addresses in Mac Mail

In the Mail app when you go to compose a new message, i.e. in[ New Message[, you start typing the name of the person or their email address you get some suggestions.

You look at these suggestions and sometimes they see email addresses they don't even recognise.
You see names in their Contacts, sure, but sometimes you see old email addresses, email addresses from people you don't know .

It turns out these are email addresses of people that you received emails from. It could even be spam or anything like that.

Senders sometimes accidentally use that old email address without even realising.

However, even when somebody changes their email address, the old email address stays in this little shortcut list even if you've changed the contact.

So what do you do to get rid of these unwanted email addresses that appear every time.

e.g If I type [M] and I instantly get a list of email addresses starting with M and maybe I don't want to see some of these. Where are these coming from and how do you get rid of them?

Most of these will come from your Contacts. So if you have an old contact in there or you have a contact where there's multiple email addresses for that person it will appear in here. BUT that's probably not where the problem is coming from.


If you go to [Window] in the Mail app there's a window that is called [Previous Recipient].

Open that up and you get this little list of people, names and email addresses, that you've gotten email from. These email addresses will be used when you type into the To field there.

So you can see here I've got those email addresses. I can select one and I can hit [Remove From List]. I can select multiple ones holding down the [Command] key or the [Shift] key to select them. I can search for them. So you'll probably see a huge list here if you've never been in this window. There could be hundreds of email addresses in here.

You can search for them here or you can simply click on any one, use [Command]_[A] to get all, and then hit [Remove From List] to clear the list out completely.

If you now type [M] you will only see the the legitimate ones that are inside my Contacts and also get some email addresses currently found in the Inbox of my Mail.

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