How do I make a Keynote presentation?

Suppose I want to put togehter a set of images I took on my last holiday trip. Can I make a short display to share with my family?

The following steps will lead to the desired result:

  1. You may want to choose the images you want to use and put them in a new folder set up for your project. Note that this is not necessary but if you can reduce the filesize of your images. That might be a good thing to do and it will be easier if the images are together in a project folder.

  2. Open Keynote and start a new project. You can choose a template knowing that if later you want to change to another template, your work will swap over without loss, or, if you choose a template, you will be able to make changes to it.

  3. Edit your first page, adding the text you want. You can also change the font, the font colour or size,add another text box or an image or whatever.

  4. Next add another slide. It can be a blank one.

  5. Using INSERT>GALLERY, choose a set of photos for your project. You will need to check they are all the same shape ie generally, wider than higher. You can pick images from anywhere on your computer. If you have a long list of photos, to pick a series that are all in a row, hold down SHIFT to make the first and last of those you want. If they are here and there, hold down COMMAND and check what you want.

  6. Once you have a series of photos in the gallery, you can work on the gallery but remember, they are all going to change the same way. You can choose to have a caption for all of them, either the same one for all or different ones for each photo. You can also resize the photos on the slide.

  7. Add another blank slide and write something like 'The End' or 'Thank you for watching....'