Member Feedback

The BMUG Committee is keen to make BMUG as association that supports members' use of their devices and also offers a supportive social environment for Apple users. We have been working on feedback obtained last year in a survey conducted by Len Gould.

Please feel free to send us your comments about our performance - send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Layout of Hall:
Several members commented very favourably re the individual tables and chairs (including biscuits to hand!), feeling it was a more relaxed atmosphere, and enjoyed the opportunity to chat. They would like this layout to continue as appropriate.

Of the members who attended the April meeting, people generally felt the recent Geelong Library visit was very interesting, including the outline of Ancestry research possibilities.

However there were mixed views re use of e-Books, some who read a lot will use them, others like to take an e-Book on holiday as there is no extra weight to carry, but they need to watch the renewal date. Reading in bed may be fine for some, but the blue light keeps the mind awake due to its similarity to daylight. Some folk have plenty of books at home, but insufficient time to 'get into' them. The new Library is very impressive, and the Cafe was very popular to complete the afternoon.

Len Gould’s talk was very well received, with some members commenting afterwards on how useful/ interesting they found it. One member had a problem which he was able to assist with on the day. On Len’s recommendation she made a face-to-face visit to the Apple Retail Shop at Highpoint and found her ‘very expensive problem’ was readily fixed under Consumer Law, at no charge to her.
A summary of handy hints/ general advice from Len’s talk has been posted on our website for future reference.