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November 2018


Our next meeting, on December 11 will be the last for the year. We hope it has been a good year for you.

Follow up technical tips ....

At our November general meeting, we dealt with a number of smaller items that have been requested from members. Some of them have led to more information. Our esteemed past president Peter Oakley has done some scouting for us:
Learn about how to test the signal strength of your wifi: see This article is from Lifewire who provide lots of articles full of tips. You can read about them and subscribe at
Here's another maybe interesting article from LifeWire: What happens to your Facebook page when you die. See

OZeWAI - the Australian Web Adaptability Initiative

For my sins, I am the President of OZeWAI and have been for more than 20 years. We are the professional association of people who make sure that what is published electronically is accessible to everyone - that is, if a person needs a bigger font, less crowding on the screen, perhaps transcription of the actions of a video, or captions of what's said in the video, etc., we help set and implement the standards world-wide for making this happen. We also work with all the governments, businesses and others to enable publishing in forms that can be adapted to everyone's needs.

We have just had another conference in Sydney with a most interesting array of speakers. Some speakers, of course, were talking about specific, technical things but others spoke more broadly. You may be interested to check out bits of the conference - all of which was generously streamed live from the ABC studios by 5 Stream and captioned live by Red Bee.

Scott Avery talking about what makes disability: 37.18 minutes into the YouTube at

Andrew Arch talking about accessibility for older people: 31 minutes into

A fantastic contribution from the children at the Horsham Primary School - they are a choir that signs instead of singing - their actions are Australian Sign Language so the event is accessible to people with no hearing but still fantastic for everyone - see (near the end)

Sophie Farthing from the Human Rights Commission also spoke about what that organisation is doing on our behalf to make sure we can continue to enjoy emerging technologies in the future. That is at the earlier part of the same YouTube video as the choir: see

By the way...

Did you notice that the URLs in the article above all go to This is a site where you can enter a really long and inconvenient URL and get a short version for use.

Customised News - just what you want ...

Apple News is a customised news provider. According to Apple:

Apple News provides the best coverage of current events, curated by editors and personalised for you. Dive into your favourite topics or discover new ones. And stay up to date with rich videos, breaking news notifications and subscriptions to some of your favourite publications.
Apple News editors highlight what they consider to be the most important reporting and analysis from a diverse group of publishers. As a user, you can choose the channels and topics you want to follow so you never miss the latest news in business, technology, fashion, sports and more.

And how do you know what Apple is doing?

"Apple says the iPhone XR has been its top-selling iPhone since launch" - see

"Apple Loop: Poor iPhone Sales Panic Apple, Sudden iPhone XS Price Cut, iPad Pro's Big Mistake" - see

Apple Newsroom is the source for news about Apple by Apple. Read press releases, get updates, watch video and download images. See

Plans for 2019

Already your committee is thinking about next year. We think we like the evening meal together every second month - make it a date for the odd numbered months. We like time to ask questions and clear up little things of interest - or bother. So we plan to have a substantial topic each second month and on the other months to have lots of little things - if you have questions, topics to share, experiences or problems, why not share them with all the BMUG members? It's funny how often our problems are others' problems too!

Please share your interest in some 'substantial' topics we can explore for you, and some little things: email to
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