2024-03 BMUG Newsletter

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BMUG Newsletter

March 2024



Next meeting - Tuesday 12 March

Remember - we now meet at 2.30 pm on the second Tuesday of each month - this time Tuesday 12 March.

At our next meeting, we will have a booking for the new digitizing equipment at the Leopold Library. Please bring something to play with - an old image, a video tape, and a USB stick so you can save it and take it home for whatever purpose - to send to someone for a laugh! See below for more.

David Dixon is keen for us to talk about how to organise and do essential backups of our precious content.

We will also have some issues to chat about, led by Peter, as we usually do, and so you can add any of interest to yourself.


Saving Family Stories

The local libraries have new equipment that might be of interest. They talk about it in their newsletters or you can find it under the menu item starting ith 'Learn;' and then going to it (https://www.grlc.vic.gov.au/learn/saving-family-stories).

You can digitise your family’s pictorial stories with Epson V600/V850 Perfection Scanner, Elgato Video conversion software and Kodak Reels Film Digitiser. Free to use with your library membership!

You can digitise the following media types:

VHS tapes
Super 8 and 8mm film
Film negatives
Photographic prints

Note- Beta/Betamax video tapes, 16mm film, and camcorder tapes are unable to be digitised.

Interesting items about Apple computers

Tik Tok App tracking



How to protect yourself from QR code scams...


How to instantly change text between upper, lower, and title case on a Mac...


First teardown shows complex insides of Apple Vision Pro...



An alternative item tracker to Apple AirTag.
Slimmer dimensions (equivalent to 2-3 credit cards thickness and similar length and width) fit better into wallets and purses.
Unfortunately does not have replaceable batteries, but after expected life of 1-2 years, can be returned to company and get replacement for 50% discount.
Uses proximity to iPhones to detect their location. Don’t have same location accuracy as AirTags but produce much louder noise to identify their location.
Cost ~$45 - $50 which is probably less than replacement cost of lost or stolen item.


How to use Spotlight's metadata file utilities in macOS..

Spotlight runs in the background on your Mac or iOS device and silently indexes and scans the contents of your documents, so when you search for something, it can find results quickly.

How to get detailed monthly stats on your Apple Music listening habits...

Apple Music Replay has been around for a few years now, giving subscribers a chance to check in-depth stats on what they listened to over the past year. The feature is pretty similar to Spotify's Wrapped.


New Atomic Stealer malware variant harder to detect in macOS...

The Atomic Stealer malware still relies on users installing fake software with a payload hidden in the .dmg file, but it is evolving to get harder to detect.

Atomic Stealer hides in illegitimate software downloads, gets into macOS through user error, and stays hidden using scripts while it steals sensitive data. It's a relatively new malware identified in 2023, but now it is evolving to be harder to detect.

According to Bitdefender, a new variant of Atomic Stealer is showing up in its routine verifications for discovering malware in the wild. It seems this version hasn't been widely reported since it is found in surprisingly small files of about 1.3 MB.


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