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March 2023

Please note: our monthly meeting will be in the Leopold Library on March 21 - a week later than usual, sorry!

Next Meeting


So many things are happening in the tech world!

This month we will pause and take breath while we learn about how our colleagues are caring for their digital treasures. We all have them and we will not want to lose them but what should we do with them?

Come along and listen to our presenter and share your ideas and practices.

We will meet in the Leopold Library at 3.00 pm and all are welcome - we will offer tea and coffee and a Zoom link for anyone who wants to stay home and still connect with us.

If you want to participate on Zoom, please send us a note so we can send you a link: info@bellarinemac.org.au

Last meeting


Have you played with the new AI toys yet?

Artificial Intelligence has been with us for about 5 decades but not always in our hands, at our command. Now ordinary people are getting to try the systems and to see what they do.

While zillions of people are contributing content to the Web that can be scraped up and used by the AI machines, it is also becoming possible for millions of people to use the large language models and logic learning machines - LLMs - to interrogate all that information.

Last meeting we connected with some of the emerging literature and we shared ideas. Notes from that conversation are available on our website.

We also learnt about the clever Google Nest detectors that are, if you like, smart fire alarms - very smart ones. That information is also on the website.

See our meetings notes at https://www.bellarinemac.org.au/resource/meeting-notes

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