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BMUG Newsletter

August 2022

Please note next meeting date: September 20th!
The Committee cannot make it on Sept 13, sorry :-(

Newsletter Contents:

News! Help is on its way!


We all have 100's and 1000's of digital photos
- but can we manage them?

BMUG has asked our technical support Peter Batchelor how to work with our photos. Peter has a most interesting website and told us what he does.

We think most of us have two priorities:
  • to save the photos we want for the future and
  • to make the photos accessible to those for whom we have them.

So we need to do a few things:
  • find all our images
  • find which ones are duplicated
  • bundle them into useful groups
  • probably date them (at least roughly)
  • preserve them somehow.

These are the sort of things BMUG is hoping to help you with. We think that for a couple of meetings we will pick a victim and work on their photos so we can all see what happens. Then, if we have a clear set of instructions, members can do their own work, in a group or with a friend or even alone BUT they will have someone who can help!

You can watch the video of Peter demonstrating his work by going to the BMUG resources page:




We are ready to have our AGM now. In fact, later in this month when our regular monthly meeting will be later than usual - the 20th September! This is the good news!

We are looking for some more people to join the Committee, so please help and volunteer if you can. We are also pleased to announce that, like political parties, we have good news about the budget. Again, next year, everyone will be welcome to join BMUG and no-one will need to pay to join us!

Please note the date of the AGM. Relevant documents will be available soon.

Last Meeting

Last meeting Carol showed us how she took some images of an alpaca being shorn and turned them into an electronic booklet for a young friend. The result is great fun and it was not so hard to do - once there were enough photos!

See the work at https://www.bellarinemac.org.au/resources/meeting-notes and see how to do it there too.

One thing Carol did not do (yet) is add herself reading the story to the booklet. You can do this easily and make it a lot of fun for grandchildren etc.

And Peter Batchelor showed us his wonderful website story of building his latest boat. You can watch this video (go to https://www.bellarinemac.org.au/resources/meeting-notes) and you can also visit Peter's site - well worth it at https://www.batchelors.net/boats

Peter helps teachers associations provide what they need for their students online - but he has interesting hobbies that you can investigate on his site. The point of this for us, at BMUG, is to see what we could be doing with our photos.


Next Meeting - September 20, 3.00pm at the Leopold Library


Remember, if you cannot attend the meeting in person, you can join us on Zoom - just ask for a link

At this meeting, we plan to work on a collection of photos - well, not a collection but a mess of photos, to see how we can organise them and work towards having some interesting collections.

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Forthcoming Apple Event likely about new iPhone and Apple Watch Releases

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