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May 2022

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Is your computer really clean?
Interesting items from Apple Insider

Next Meeting


June 14, 3.00 pm at the Leopold Library

Everyone is welcome.
Many of us use apps on our phones to identify things - birds, plants, etc and we use our phones to report a special sighting.

We will ask some well known users what they do and hopefully members will contribute their experience and wisdom. Please let us know if you have something to share: info@bellarinemac.org.au

And we will learn about the wonders of Apple watches. Are they worth it? What can they do? How do you use such a watch in fact?

Last Meeting

picture We are hearing shocking news from the other side of the world. We wonder how Putin could be let to gain the power to allow him to do what he is doing. We are very lucky - our troubles with leadership are trivial in comparison.

Last meeting we had an excellent session on life in Poland. Learning what it means to be in bad regimes, and how humour seems to support citizens against all the odds, is certainly sobering.

You can still enjoy the presentation. Simply go to https://www.bellarinemac.org.au/resources/meeting-notes/182-interesting-talk-about-poland

Cleaning computer peripherals - Tips from Support@Satechi

We don’t mean to gross you out, but studies show cellphones are typically 10x dirtier than most toilet seats. And your other electronics likely aren’t much better off.

But before you go on a cleaning spree, here are a few tips to help you keep your tech in tiptop shape:

Clean your most-used devices daily.

Especially after returning home from the office, grocery store, or any other public space. It may seem like a pain, but it’s worth your reduced risk of catching and spreading illnesses.

Power down and unplug.
Safety first! While cleaning, be careful to avoid getting moisture or liquid into the device’s ports.

Use the right cleaner
Opt for a disinfectant with 70% isopropyl alcohol to kill germs. And, instead of spraying your device directly, use a fresh, microfiber cloth to apply the disinfectant. Get in the nooks and crannies.

Specifically when cleaning AirPods or keyboards. You can do so by using a cotton swab or toothpick to gently remove dirt and grime.

Don’t forget the accessories.

Smart watch straps, phone cases, and chargers aren’t immune to germs! Be sure to carefully disinfect these as well – just be sure to brush up on the cleaning instructions for each.

AppleInsider selected items May/Jun 2022

Apple says it blocked $1.5B in fraudulent App Store transactions, 1.6M risky apps

What to expect from WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) 2022 Jun 6 - 10

OS updates - iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS
The most obvious thing that Apple will use its developer-based event is showing off upcoming changes to its operating systems. This is the most consistent element of WWDC, in that Apple will reveal the next major releases of its software platforms, including upcoming features and other significant changes.

iOS 16 and iPadOS 16
In terms of what to expect from iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, the main rumor is that it will retain a lot of the look of iOS 15, but it will get several usability changes.

macOS 13
As Apple has adopted the incremental numbering system of iOS following years of staying on version 10, it looks pretty likely that the next iteration of macOS will be version 13

tvOS 16
While other Apple operating systems tend to get major feature changes, the same cannot be said about tvOS. It typically doesn't get the same level of feature changes as other platforms, but they do occasionally surface.

watchOS 9
Moving from the watchOS 8 generation, watchOS 9 is rumored to have a "significant" update, though again, detail from that May 15 report about how significant the changes could be wasn't offered

Apple Silicon - The introduction of M2
Apple first introduced Apple Silicon to the world during WWDC 2020, with a plan to ditch Intel chips on a very aggressive two-year schedule. Looking at Apple's Mac and MacBook lineup, almost all of it has made the shift over to Apple Silicon.

New Macs - MacBook Air, Mac Pro

M2 MacBook Air
The first is the often-rumored new MacBook Air. Aside from the number of rumors, it is also one of the most likely candidates to be unveiled simply because it was among the first trio of hardware launches under Apple Silicon.

Mac Pro
The last segment of Apple's Mac business not to have been given the Apple Silicon treatment, a Mac Pro has a lot of potential for a WWDC 2022 unveiling.

AR, VR, and realityOS
For years, Apple has been rumored to be working on augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality headsets, and Apple Glass smart glasses, depending on the speculation at hand. There have been so many claims about the technology over time that it seems inevitable that Apple will show something off

What WWDC Won't Show

When analyzing speculation surrounding an Apple event, it can be hard to determine what may or may not be shown. This is usually relatively easy, as Apple is quite predictable about what products it launches at specific times of the year.

You're not likely to see things consumers will buy in stores unless it's hardware with sufficient novelty for Apple to give developers a heads-up about. Consumer-facing hardware for Apple's VR or AR headset is not likely to debut at WWDC. A new Mac Pro on a new Apple Silicon chip with extra unique hardware features is possible, but even if it debuted at WWDC, we don't expect it would ship until the end of 2022 like the 7,1 Mac Pro and iMac Pro before it.


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