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BMUG 2021 Annual Newsletter

Please help us restore our communications and provide better activities for BMUG! We have suffered terribly from techie problems - bad for BMUG!


The BMUG bug .....

pictureAbout the middle of 2020, BMUG had a major problem sorting out how to retain the name BMUG etc. due to password and other problems. It looked as though there was a scam - but certainly there was a bug.

Newsletters, meeting reminders, etc were prepared and sent out but lots of people did not receive them. The BMUG server we use told us they had been sent correctly but we know they weren't received. The people who didn't get them, didn't know they had missed out :-(

So what happened?

Well, to solve the domain problems, we had to create a new identity for BMUG and use it to reclaim the real one. That was called It was a temporary name but we had to change everything that needed an active address to be changed to recognize it. Then we got the old name back and so we had to restore the original addresses. I, Liddy, failed to find one of the addresses, and didn't know I had missed it.

The temporary name failed when its time ran out and so the emails from BMUG that actually came from continued to tell people's email handlers that they came from Many mail handlers decided they did not trust the emails so simply rejected and destroyed them. The intended recipients didn't know anything about them. On the other hand, some people did receive the emails but we could not understand why - it probably depended on the settings they had for their emails.

Now that we have found the bug and I have changed the sending/return address for the emails, we hope all will be well.



pictureWe have been generating news and we have been having some fun meetings. We are not the BMUG we used to be but a whole new organisation - please read our newsletters to catch up with the changes if you did not receive them.


We will have a meeting in late January - date, venue and speakers (to be decided).

We are thrilled to be back online, as we think we are, and would love your comments to encourage us for a great 2022.

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