2021-11 BMUG Newsletter

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BMUG Newsletter

November 2021

BMUG Smoko!   ????

Please join us for our next party event and meet up with old friends face-to-face!!
We will have a couple of interesting people who will get the ball rolling with some stories of their lives and you can offer yours. See the details below.

Table of contents

  1. New BMUG
  2. Party Invitation
  3. BMUG Assist
  4. Updating the OS
  5. Apps for stormy weather
  6. Getting your Covid Certificate
  7. Looking forward to February's meeting

Our new BMUG group celebrated in October with a new format and it was great fun. We are not ALL about Macs now but we are often Mac users and want to share tips and tricks. But when we are not about Macs we are about PEOPLE - those wonderful folk who share the planet with us.

At our October meeting, we asked two of our members to tell us some of their life stories, particularly the unusual ones, and get us chatting about ours. We are planning to do this again but face-to-face - imagine! We think we could see our new format as a Smoko format - just chatting but with some funny stories injected. The real aim is getting to know more about our colleagues in an enjoyable setting - and learning about things we might otherwise never know.

Last month we heard about and saw pictures of the poor Sultan of Brunei's problem when he couldn't fit his new antique Ferrari into the plane he'd sent to Singapore to collect it. Not a problem, apparently, he simply chartered a Singapore airline to deliver it - even though had they let down the types a bit it would have fitted into the first plane without loss! What's a couple of hundred thousand dollars when you are waiting for a car?

This month we hope to have two more 'victims' from some of the many who live in our region. If you would like to hear from someone, why not tell us and we will see if they can help (send email to info@bellarineMac.org.au).

BMUG Invitation

Please join us (if you can) at 13th Beach Golf Club at 3.30 pm on Tuesday November 9. BMUG is offering afternoon tea and some fun stories to help us remember how much pleasure we can get from chatting with friends. Everyone is welcome - simply send an RSVP, please, and we will look forward to seeing you.

If you cannot join us in person, we will offer a Zoom connection and hope to make you welcome remotely (you might have to make your own afternoon tea).

BMUG Assist

BMUG Assist is always there for you - do you remember that when things go wrong?

This month we had a case of a Mac Powerbook failing after 4 years - is that good enough? Actually, consumer protection law says you should get what you pay for and buying an expensive computer should., these days, give you one that does not pack-up like that. So we challenged it and Apple did the right thing. 

We also had an issue with an older Mac and Safari. The older Mac is limited in what operating systems it can use and Safari is limited in how far it can be up-dated on older Macs. The situation was that the Mac was running Yosemite and the highest version of Safari for that. The user could not perform some functions that seem ordinary but can only be done with later versions of Safari. Now, upgrading the OS was good but with the later OS came an earlier version of Safari. It could not be up-graded. This meant switching to Firefox (which some of us like better anyway). But now we had El Capital and Firefox on the Mac and iOS and Safari on the iPad. Never mind, once the passwords were sorted all could go ahead again, and the original motivating tasks were completed - after many hours of slowly downloading what was wanted!

If you need help with a problem, you may be able to get help from BMUG - give it a try - email assist@bellarinemac.org.au.

Some Mac news...

Doing a MacOS Update:
Big Sur 11.6 -> Monterey 12.0.1

Two different experiences noted by our Secretary - sharing his pain!

2018 MacBook Pro - When Software Update notification displayed, simply started and when showed after approximately 2 hours, pressed [Continue] and installed in 30+ minutes; however
2017 iMac -  When Software Update notification displayed, noted that also showed Big Sur update to 11.6.1. Chose to proceed to ignore the Big Sur update and go straight to Monterey, indicating 2 hours download. Left it and when came back 2+ hours later, screen showed login display. Logged in, no installation of Monterey had occurred. Hence re-tried Monterey download and came back 2+ hours later. Again showing login screen with no new MacOS installation. Why not??

Not sure why not and so decided to download Big Sur update first before trying for Monterey installation. Monitoring progress update Big Sur and then download Monterey. Observed [Continue] button appearing this time and so Monterey then installation completed.

Conclusion: Inconclusive as to whether iMac Monterey installation;
required Big Sur 11.6 update first; OR
because not monitoring Monterey download, when [Continue] button appeared and not pressed soon after, then computer reverted to login screen, because this didn’t occur with the laptop.

Will be interested to hear others experience if they attempt the move to the new MacOS.

2 useful apps  with our Spring storms

My Lightning Tracker & Alerts - available from the App store.
"My Lightning Tracker is the best app for monitoring lightning strikes all around the world in close to real-time. With a sleek modern design, you can watch thunderstorms as they occur. You can also receive notifications whenever strikes are detected in your area."

Rainspotting - Rain Outlook
"Rainspotting will tell you if there is any rain approaching your selected location or nearby, its direction, when it is expected to start, and how long it is expected to last. If you're really keen, you can even view the intensity profile of any approaching rain to draw your own conclusions. Rainspotting can also send notification alerts when rain is approaching (upgrade required)."

Registering your Covid Vacc. certificate

Adding Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate to Service Victoria App for location visit registration via venue QR code.

Open the Service Victoria app and click on ‘Add certificate via MyGov;
Log into your MyGov account. If you haven’t already linked your Medicare card details, you need to do this beforehand.
In the ‘Quicklinks’ box, click ‘Go to Medicare’.
In ‘Immunisation history’ click ‘View history’.
Among the options, one should be to link the certificate to the Service Victoria app.

If you have difficulties, call MyGov 132 307 and have one of their operators talk you through it. They will acknowledge that it is a convoluted process and you will need your Medicare card details and possibly your driving licence details also to complete the links.

Also ask them to explain to you how to link the vaccination to the ‘Wallet’ on your iPhone’ for displaying when there is no Internet connection.

The whole process is lengthy and can take up to 30+ minutes.
[It has been known to take a number of hours!]

Looking forward to February

Peter & Maggie who live at The Sands, Torquay have several blue tongue lizards living in their yard. There is a photographer Geoff Gates who frequently photographs both flora and fauna around the golf course and the adjoining Karaaf Wetlands and Peter and Maggie have had several conversations with him over the years to learn more of the prevalence and habits of the various reptiles and birds which frequent the area.

Geoff used to breed blue tongue lizards from his teens for over 30 years and so has a wealth of knowledge and has provided lots of information about them. If you watched Hard Quiz on ABC TV 27/10/2021 you could have tested your knowledge of blue tongue lizards as this was the specialist subject for one of the contestants. (If you missed it, you could view it via iView).

On another topic, apparently a common misconception in this Bellarine Peninsula region is the identity of snakes. Often what are identified as red bellied black snakes are in fact copperheads which have a wide colour range. Geoff recommends this short video (4.5 mins) from the Mornington Peninsula on Lowland Copperhead snakes. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAwEDICW8gU

We have organised for Geoff to do a presentation at our February 2022 meeting. As we haven’t yet decided on the scope of his presentation, please forward some suggestions of what things about the fauna in our region you would like Geoff to focus on and/or some questions you seek answers for. Send your comments to us at info@bellarinemac.org.au
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