The BMUG community is growing and the Committee have been working hard. We are keen to serve our members - particularly to help members help themselves. We welcome visitors and new members to our meetings and on ‘odd’ months, May, July, etc) will continue to arrange an informal meal for members and friends after the monthly meeting.

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The topics for our meetings are now a feature of our newsletters, and after each meeting we are posting notes as a ready reference for those who attended (and those who didn’t). See

Last meeting was held at the Geelong Library. We were treated to two special sessions - one on the resources and using them remotely and another on family history investigations and how the Library can help. Notes from these sessions are available along with notes from the February members’ meeting when we considered Library resources online. See for both sets of notes.

Next meeting we will be treated to a special talk by long-time member Len Gould. The topic will be Purchasing Decisions for Apple Products … the issues. The meeting will be chaired by Carol Wilson who will also be keen to know how members are feeling and using online resources such as eBooks etc. Many have told us about their partners’ experiences - so find out how our community is using these things. Carol will also make a note of difficulties people report so we can take them back to our friends at the Geelong Library and ask for more help.

In May we will have a fun meeting playing with Scratch. Millions of young people around the world create and share their Scratch projects. This will be celebrated in May worldwide and we will join the fun. Details will be available in the next newsletter but if you like, you can check out Scratch right now at We will want people to bring their devices with Scratch already downloaded - you can do this now, for free, at the Scratch site. This is a very secure site and downloads are safe from there!

Next Meeting: 4.00 pm, April 10

Len will chat about the various issues involved in buying/ using various Apple products, based on his wide experience with “nearly everything” Apple has made.  

Finding the best price, as against what support is available, or the reliability of the source provider are obvious matters.

Other considerations are the different sorts of purchasing options, varying from: “Do I purchase on line, and how?”  to the pros and cons of the duty-free option, the local JB Hi-Fi store, the AppTech store, or other local options.

Len will also discuss traps for young players, and how to make sure you get the best support with your purchase.   

He will share his varied experiences, with members also invited to contribute to the discussion.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon,

Liddy Nevile