BMUG March Meeting News

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The BMUG Committee have decided to offer an agenda for each monthly meeting at least a week before the meeting - and then send out a gentle reminder the day before. We are hoping that you will find the agendas interesting and choose to come along, perhaps bring a friend, and sometimes bring your device or even your homework!

For the meeting on March 13, we will be going to the Geelong Library, in Geelong. We plan to meet there at 2.00pm and to leave finally about 4.30pm. The plan of 'action' is detailed below.

We'd like you to bring your phones, iPads and portable computers to the Library and your CoGG Library card, if you have one.

Hoping to see you outside the Library at 5 to 2.00pm - we will then go to the Level 5 South Space known as Wurdi Youang.

Please note that the notes from the February meeting about things Library are available at

Liddy Nevile.

Our host at the Library will be Gerrard Daniels, Manager, Digital Services.

The program includes:
2.00 - 3.30pm

  • the choice of apps for eBooks etc and why one or the other;
  • what to do if you do not have a Mac but not iOS;
  • techniques for searching collections;
  • resources that can be acquired from other organisations - inter-library loans, esp. academic and research resources, and the use of Ancestry.

3.30 - 4.00pm Afternoon tea in Cafe (buy your own)

4.00 - 4.30pm Tour of the Library