Meeting Notes June 2018

At this meeting, we had three main agenda items.

We were asked to work a bit on synchronisation of content where people had more than one device. We started with emails and tried to understand the two major protocols and why they might make a difference for us. This work is reported as a BMUG FAQ and available at

Following the day of photography in the Geelong Botanical Gardens, Dick Brown asked participants to send him their three best images. There were no restrictions on how these might be prepared. That is, photography incudes digital maniulationif the photographer so desires. Dick judged the photos and had the three best framed on behalf of BMUG. At out meeting, Dick showed a video containing all the photos and then presented his winners with their prizes.

The third event was also led by Dick Brown. He was able to access the winning images of past competitions which can now be seen by everyone on our website at

Finally we unearthed a couple of problems members have been wrestling with and hope to report back on solutions at the July meeting.