The February BMUG Meeting Notes

The Geelong Libraries offer 24 hour free wifi - that is, wifi inside and outside the libraries! To join the Library wifi using an Apple product, see

To access Geelong Library services remotely, you need to login for some services. To log in to the library:

  1. go to
  2. click on 'My account' in the top right hand corner
  3. enter your (barcode) number and pin

If you do not have these, you can register online at the same place to get them.

Applications (Apps)

For services that require you to have an app, you can go to the apps area (tab on menu) and choose what you want.

So far as one can tell, BorrowBox, Cloudlibrary, Libby, Overdrive and RBDigital are simply different apps that give access to the collections made available by the relevant companies. Possibly the differences are that CloudLibrary provides for audiobooks to be listened to offline and RBDigital has magazines. Mango Languages is for interactive language learning.
For all apps, the Geelong Libraries have paid the subscription fee so they provide free access for members. Using the services may involve using data download allowances.

Let us now login, download an app, browse a collection and borrow something.

Collection Browsing

The Libraries have an amazing range of resources and they can borrow things from other libraries for us. Borrowing guidelines are available online (how many things; for how long; how to make a booking for something, and how to renew an existing loan):

Note that although the Library is 'virtual' for online users, the familiar ability to 'browse' has been recreated. Instead of going to some shelves, one can look in some lists of resources sorted by topic, type, subject, etc. The best way to browse is to go to the eCollections page:

On the collections page, you can find entry points to a number of collections so it is worth exploring. Let's look quickly at the collections they have... How much might one expect to pay for an old Burmese puppet?

Browsing the online Library catalogue at There are, of course, ways of improving your search so we will explore the catalogue and see what helps. Perhaps we can look for a book about the history of Ocean Grove? Try searching with 'history ocean grove victoria australia' then 'history ocean grove' for narrower search. Place a book on hold? but none electronic? Search Adv Search .... try history Bellarine.....

For searching, the Libraries have help:

Ancestry services

Free subscription to Ancestry ( is offered by the Library but only on-site. Let's see what can be done with the equivalent of Ancestry.
Other sites offer similar services:
My and and,
for free, the Mormons' site:

I received a note from my brother to say that an interesting relative had been found. I created an account on the FamilySearch site and looked for this person. I found a lot of poeple with the same name but could identify him and from there found out a lot about my family.

Chasing up ancestry often involves other resources such as the National Library's Trove service, and more. I used it to find out about my ancestor. I started with a broad search and then refined the topic and limited the search to digitised materials to find newspaper articles.

Genetic testing is possible to determine ancestry - see National Institute of Health Visit section on ancestry testing: Think carefully about implications of results!

Listening to Text Books

Many eBooks are not audio books but often they can be converted or listened to using specialist applications. We will consider the pros and cons of this. See

Other sources of Books and Info - for free

Librivox - books read aloud by volunteers or books for you to read to contribute;

Project Gutenberg: These people offer a mere 56,000 ebooks to you for free!

Please note:

The Libraries offer face-to-face sessions to help Library users. These are called eKnow How sessions and are offered by the Library at various times. Check them out at Typical topics include: looking up info for travel; scams, viruses and identity theft and cybersafety; Facts on File, Encyclopaedia and Proquest online; intermediate iPad skills; Adobe Spark to make a multi-media story from some pics; various sessions to do with 3-D modelling and virtual reality, and emagazines (RBdigital). We will explore some of these topics together. The Libraries make access to these resources free for members.

Another Library Visit?

There is a dedicated heritage and research area at the Library. We will not pursue the activities there on the first visit in March but hopefully on a visit later in the year. See The focus in the area is Geelong's history.