BMUG Meeting Reminder

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BMUG Meeting Reminder

September 2018


Please note that the BMUG Annual General Meeting is coming up and nominations for Committee positions are being called for. Visit the nominations page to nominate, second or consent to a nomination, please. It is at

Yes!! BMUG needs you!!

BMUG is organised by volunteers who meet fortnightly to offer the members a good experience and to contribute to our website. This includes people who attend meetings and those who like what we do but enjoy it from afar - on our website and via our newsletter.

BMUG is working hard to support those we see and those who see us but we need more membership fees to continue our work. If you have engaged with us during 2018 and not yet paid your fees for this year, please visit the website and pay now. We need your help - hopefully then we can continue to offer our help.

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Next Meeting - September 11

After the AGM, we will turn our attention to how I devices can take us to the theatre!

You can always see what's planned for meetings at (easily found on the website).

Most people are familiar with the idea of looking at the news, at social media, maybe reading online books and even watching films but how many go to the theatre online? At the September meeting, BMUG members will taste some online theatre and learn about the possibilities. This is a new opportunity because it means staying at home and getting, often, a better view of a live performance than you would get if you were actually in the audience. In addition, the performance will be at a time that you choose!

Don't forget that this is a month with an odd number so there will be a dinner venue in Ocean Grove and we hope you and your companions will join us there.

More on Wearables..

1. Following on from the session on wearable devices, members might be interested to read this user's review of his dependency on an Apple Watch and his comparison with another device.

"What it was like to give up my Apple Watch after three years of constant use..".

2. Interesting article on the quality of design of one Apple product. It can get quite technical and so for those less technically minded I suggest they only skim read it to absorb whatever they want from it.

Apple iPhone charger teardown: quality in a tiny expensive package

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